Princesa is now available for rehoming.

She is responding very well to exercise on the lunge and long rein. She has been introduced to a saddle and bridle and has been sat on for short periods. She is continuing to grow and fill out and is going to be a big mare. She currently stands around 16.2hh (1.67m). Due to her need for continued education she is only suitable for experienced riders who have previously backed and trained young horses.



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Princesa was advertised for sale locally and her photo showed her tethered and in poor condition. She was permanently tethered in the campo and was being fed a diet of fruit and vegetables – whatever was growing in the nearby fields. We went to visit her and just had to rescue her. Fortunately her owner wanted a good home for her and not a lot of money!

Princesa is 6 years old and is such a lovely natured mare. It is taking a long time for her to put weight on, but she is growing taller as well. Although we think she is unbacked, her previous owner did leap onto her bareback and stand up whilst she was tethered!

Princesa also has a slightly unlevel pelvis. When she puts more condition on she will begin rehabilitative work to strengthen her back and hopefully prepare her for future work

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