Over 90 horses in danger in Durcal, Granada

Police have discovered a farm with over 90 horses kept in appalling conditions, many of them in advanced state starvation and in danger of death. 73 of the horses are Purebred Spanish and there are also five donkeys, ten ponies and two mules.

After inspecting them, a veterinarian reported that there are at least seven animals in a very deficient nutritional state, indicating the absence of elementary care for a long time, and they are in a state that impairs their health to the point of having risk of multi organ failure leading to death. The veterinarian also stated that the number of animals per surface far exceeded the limits of the amount of land available and that the 25 stabled horses,have never been exercised, lacke any muscle and are filthy due to wallowing in their own manure.

The police have verified that the livestock farm is not legally registered.

The associations El Refugio del Burrito of Fuente de Piedra (Malaga) and the foundation Caballos en Peligro de España of Almadén de la Plata (Seville) have offered to take charge of the horses and CESF Horse Rescue have also volunteered to help if needed.

3 thoughts on “Over 90 horses in danger in Durcal, Granada”

  1. Christina Broomé

    The owner of these animals should be in jail for treating them this way. And be forbidden to ever own an animal again.

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