Durcal Update

A total of 82 horses have now been confiscated by Seprona and signed over to the Los Caballos Luna foundation, based in Seville.

Of the 82 horses:

  • 2 horses have severe head infection
  • A 2 year old with colic.
  • A foal with colic
  • At least 15 pregnant mares
  • 20 foals aged between 3 months and 1 year
  • 10 stallions
  • 6 yearling stallions

The horses are unhandled, not halter broken and not used to people, which makes the rescue attempt so much harder. This is the largest horse rescue ever in Spain.

Los Caballos Luna really need so much help right now. The cost of transporting, veterinary attention, feeding, bedding etc of 82 horses is going to be astronomical. Donations can be made directly into their bank account – details below:

Fundación Caballos en Peligro España
IBAN: ES04 0081 1430 3900 0105 3506

2 thoughts on “Durcal Update”

  1. Thank you for posting this!
    I am at Los Caballos Luna now and about half of the horses have arrived already.
    The other half should have arrived today (monday) but a protest manifestation had been arranged (by some ignorant people) and it was not possible to load the other horses yet.
    A new attempt will be needed as we cannot risk any people to be hurt in the process!
    Over here everything has been prepared to be able to welcome the horses, we are all waiting for them to arrive…
    Please all: help with donations if you can! This is a massive rescue and will cost even more than ‘an arm and a leg’! Thank you!

  2. I am so glad you are there to help these horses. It is a massive undertaking for you and i hope horse-lovers everywhere rally round and donate funds. We are near Granada and do behavioural rehabilitaion for rescued horses so I know this is just a first step in a long journey for them. But it is the life-saving step and the most important. Good luck and we will help as much as we can by spreading the message. I look forward to seeing how the horses look after your care.

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