Drama with the Durcal Horses!

40 Horses were loaded. Some Horses had veterinary attention on the spot and small surgeries were performed.
The owner’s wife then stopped Caballos del Luna and made several threats. Lawyers and a large team of police came to support them for their safety.
The owner’s wife threw herself in front of the truck so that they could not leave and it took over 3 hours before they could drive away

On Monday Caballos del Luna were going to collect the rest of the horses. This was not continued on the advice of the police because the owners wife had summoned 100 people to stop the trucks. The drug organization the owners are involved in is one of the largest in Spain.

Los Caballos Luna now need to wait to rescue the remaining horses.

The 40 horses that have already been saved are now in peace to eat. The stallions are housed in various places and are visited by Los Caballos Luna daily
The first 5 trucks of roughage have been ordered, feed is being delivered and the vet is treating those horses needing attention.

What is needed to help these horses?
Money a lot of money!

  • Transport costs for four trucks and later another 3.
  • Feed – a lot of food
  • Roughage – hay etc
  • Veterinary treatment
  • Passports and microchips
  • Worming habits
  • Etc.

Los Caballos Luna
Cuenta bancaria España
IBAN: ES04 0081 1430 3900 0105 3506

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