Cuevas del Campo Horses

We are trying to find more information about these horses. They have been posted on FB and there is a lot of confusion about them. Does anyone live in the Cuevas del Campo region and know about this situation?

“Se van a morir. Estos caballos 5 adultos y dos bebes están en la cañada de los morteros en el término municipal de cuevas del campo. Pertenecen a un tipejo que según dice no está bien de la cabeza y se olvida de ellos dejándolos sin agua ni comida”.

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  1. Hello I live in Cañada de los morteros, there was 5 horses 2 with foals, I’ve noticed that over the last couple of days they have gone, totally vanished, the guardia was called and the man was denounced, they really are in a bad way but he keeps moving them about. If I find out where they are can I contact you directly please.

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